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Hi - just joined the forum because I'm seriously considering replacing my 2010 Mazda3 with a 108. I know they're in different categories size-wise, but I don't need a Mazda3-size car 99% of the time. The 108 has significantly better mpg, and the 1.2 is actually over a second quicker to 60 than my (1.6) Mazda.

Well - I think it is. I've been looking at lots of 108 ads, where initially it looked like the 0-62 was 10.9 seconds. But then I found one where it was stated as 12.1. Must be a typo I thought. But then I found more, usually for older models.

Eg. this one on Cinch:
(in Car Specs)

Also looking on the usually reliable HonestJohn website, the 108 specs page:

All 1.2 '82' variants' 0-62 are either 10.9 or 11, apart from the couple of 12.1s in the 'On sale until February 2016' near the bottom.

The 12.1 ones don't appear to differ in any way from the 10.9 ones above them; I could understand it if say the gearing was different (which isn't listed), but I would expect that to also affect the mpg.

Anyone got any ideas?

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