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So, I ordered my car ages ago (or so it seems) from an online agent.
After an impatient wait having paid a £500 deposit: The car was delivered by a Leicester based peugeot dealership last thursday. I paid £10,400 for a brand new allure top! 5 door in white.

Since then I have covered only 100 miles but it has been a mixture of town, country and motorway driving.

Its not our only car in our household but we bought it to do the railway station run/supermarket/sports centre etc Essentially to do all the everyday motoring with children and get into small town parking spaces.

Hence we ordered the top spec 5 door model.

My feedback so far is as follows:

The good:
- Its a nippy little motor when you get it moving beyond the very short 1st gear. It has decent road manners given its a diddy motor and body roll is no worse then I would've expected from a tiny car. Add to this zero car tax and its brilliant!
- Supremely practical. Good size boot for the car size especially when you consider the back seats aren't that cramped given the overall car size. Reversing camera is very handy too (except I would like an audible alert aswell/instead)
- Its a good looking motor in my view. Like the front end with the daylight running lights and the rear 'claw' light design is very tidy. The use of chrome adds a premium touch. I even like the blacked out rear windows. The interior has a good feel too, not as nice as a german car but its sooo much cheaper.
- The touch screen entertainment/info screen is superb. Clear and simple to use and the screen has perfect touch sensitivity. It links up perfectly with my iphone (4). The fact it has bluetooth and DAB has amazed me - but then frankly neither of these are expensive things to design into a stereo unit in the 21st century so in my view they should be standard on all cars these days. The steering wheel controls are a very nice premium touch, if a little plasticy.
-Keyless entry and start/stop is a nice touch on a small/value car. As are the auto headlights. To just get in a car and go without too much thought is a real pleasure.
- Overall value for money of spec/style/handling and looks is very impressive. £ for £ I think you would struggle to get this much car for from any other maufacturer without sacrificing looks, style or quality.

The not so good:
- The clutch sensitivity and high bite point from a standing start means that you have to slip the clutch or use quite alot of revs to make it smooth or progressive. I've ended up longing for 2nd gear to reduce the risk of kangaroo motion or virtually stalling the car at junctions. Certainly it needs thought when pulling away.
- The handling is a bit light and skittish. This is mainly because of the size of the car and fairly soft suspension. Furthermore the steering rack has obviously been set up for city/town driving. Having used a bigger car this last weekend for a long motorway run it did feel nice to not have to input to the steering so frequently.
I certainly wouldn't want to do a very long journey as I think the near constant steering adjustment might urk me.
- As an addition to the lightness of the handling you do feel like you are in a baked bean can sometimes. The sound of anything flicking up from the road off the tyres proves that there isn't much deadening in the wheel arches. But I come back to the fact that this is a small and simple car. Yes and audi A1 would have loads of padding/deadening materials throughout the car and plastics with foam backing to reduce noise but then you would be paying c£16k+!!
- What is it with the speed limiter? Surely cruise control wouldn't be any harder to install. I understand they do different things and as the car is designed for city driving. The approach is that you don't want to risk speeding in urban areas as opposed to staying at a constant speed - which you never get in any city. But even then I don't like it, although if I were in an area where I'm not familiar with the speed camera locations I will use it for this purpose.
- MPG! Its early days. Mine's only done 300 miles. But, its average is currently showing 42.8.
I'm driving carefully and using the shift indicator religiously. I know it will get better as the engine beds in - but its still got a **** of a way to go to get anywhere close to a combined average figure over 50 MPG.

But overall I love the car. Its surprised me how good it is across the board, even given its minor imperfections.
Early days, but a very promising start.

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loving every minute of mine.

had roof open morning and evening when its not raining.

Mines at 250 miles in 10 days about about 46mpg but I have long run to work, bit noisy on winter tyres but commute is awfull for me in winter

only grumble is why can I only have an active with an auto, wanted fog lights and climate control

had 4 107 over last few years and this is a big upgrade and improvement in most ways
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