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What is a face lift when it comes to a car??? Are they changing the design of the whole car? or just giving it a splash of paint?
A facelift is small changes, such as a new front panel design, or new light styles etc., they might chuck in a new engine or fiddle with the suspension everynow and then, but the underneaths usually stay the same. A new model often comes with a new Mk number and distinguishable design (e.g. the 107 to 108)

The Peugeot 107 went through a facelift in 2009.
2005-2009 -
2009 Facelift - 2014/15 -–_Frontansicht,_24._Juni_2012,_Ratingen.jpg

The same thing happened to the 208 recently, going through a facelift in 2015.
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