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DO women motorists demand different things from a car to men? Bear with me on this one while I stray into what could be troublesome territory for a male driver.

But my aim is not to appear sexist in any way. Long ago, the Sixties to be exact, I joined in the battle against all “isms”, ie sexism, racism, etc., though sadly some of these prejudices persist. Yet marketing persons have a clear head in such matters. They know where their bread is buttered and they know that in 2014, the number of women car owners has grown manifestly since the far off days of the Swinging Sixties (it has actually accelerated enough to double in the last two decades). And therein lies a very lucrative market.

Female buyers now account for 40 per cent of new car sales in the UK. There are currently 16 million female licence-holders in Britain, a figure that is rising and one that makes up nearly half of all licence-holders in the UK. So in the eyes of your average new car sales person — male or female, naturally — there is a cracking market out there to be tapped.
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