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Johan van Zyl, the CEO of Toyota Europe, told Auto Express that the third-gen Aygo could steer away from its brethren to become an EV. “We already have some electric vehicles undergoing trials here in Europe - short-range, inner-city transport," declared van Zyl. “EVs will be part of that,” he added.

In addition to this, the official was asked if the new Aygo will get some sort of electrification. “Yes, that’s going to be very interesting. Will people use vehicles which will completely emissions-free in certain areas? We see a stronger growth of that type of thinking in cities where they’re saying, ‘We’d rather have emissions-free vehicles so it should be a plug-in or a pure-electric vehicle.’” It’s rather clear, then, that Toyota is definitely up to something.

Toyota’s Gerald Killman, the head of research & development at the carmaker’s European arm, adds fuel to the fire: “Clearly we do see the possibility for battery-electric vehicles there [in the Aygo]... but yes, we are developing it.” If Toyota is set on this course of action, what will happen to Peugeot and Citroen? Will the 108 and the C1 follow the Aygo's lead?

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