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Hi folks, i'm new to the site so thanks for the add!
I recently bought our daughter a 2015 1.2 Allure as her first car. Since getting the car home it sat on our drive for a few days but when i went back to it i couldn't even open it via the button on the door or the fob.
Now the car has had brand new battery fitted so i don't suspect the battery is the issue but it seems there is a drain somewhere. After putting the battery on charge for a good 12 hours the doors would open and the car would start. All good now i thought, but a couple of days later exactly the same issue.
After a quick Google search it seems this is not uncommon.
Has anyone else experienced this issue and how did you fix it?
I should add that as our daughter is still learning to drive the car won't get driven every day for another few months i guess.
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