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Hello! I've been looking for an active forum to join and this looks like the best one (I've found hardly any!) so looking forward to posting here!

I'm almost a 108 owner, it's on order shouldn't be too long now. I've got it on lease for 2 years it's my first ever lease and also my first ever car that isn't a KA. I've never test driven one, I sat in one once but it wasn't the same trim or even a manual but I've read all the reviews, seen tons of pictures, watched every youtube video and I just fell in love with it and had to have one!

I've been really lucky with my 2 other KAs they've always been good trim levels had electric windows when everyone my age had wind-y windows etc. But I love bells and whistles and this car is full of them, you don't even need a key to start the car it's like magic! A screen in my car! This stuff was made for people like me :D

I feel like I got a really good deal on my car, so I'm just waiting for more info so I can switch my insurance over (which is cheaper on this car than my current one, bonus!). I've signed everything they asked, sent the deposit over and I've had an email saying the registration date of my car is 15th Sept 2015, the number plate which is a 65 plate and that it is in stock and should be 10-14 working days!

I'm so excited! :D
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