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Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I've had my 108 for almost 2 yrs, it was just under a year old when I got it. Its an ex demo model.

Almost right from the start the start button has been a bit weird. Sometimes I don't seem to be able to get it out of acc mode to turn everything fully off. Then it bleeps at me when I open my door to get out and it won't lock. On 3 occasions it just hasn't started. Press to start but nothing, just a few strange quiet noises. Then, just as quickly the problem seemed to solve itself. I took it to the dealers to have it checked out but they said there was nothing wrong with it and there was no info on the log about any problems or other incidents. Since then it's occasionally behaved not as normal but has started until today when it just won't start. My battery was slightly low on charge so I'm going to charge it overnight but I'm not convinced that's the problem.

I really think there is something odd with the starter button but because it's been intermittent it's hard to get it diagnosed. Can anyone please help
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