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Peugeot has started the teasing game of a new product, which could turn out to be a high-performance version of one of its SUVs.

"You've seen nothing yet… Any idea of what awaits you?", writes the manufacturer on Twitter, while the Facebook account hints towards an unboxing unveil, accompanied by the comment: "You were not expecting it, yet it is waiting for you."

So what could we be looking at? A range-topping version of the 2008 was hinted by the Peugeot Sport Director Bruno Famin last month.

However, the angular shape of the C-pillar seen in the teaser image points out that this is actually yet another version of the latest 3008.

The model is expected to be badged as either a GT or a GTi, with the 1.6-liter turbo four which develops close to 200 HP on the 208 GTi, and up to 270 HP on the similar 308. Setting it apart furthermore will be an aggressive body kit, with larger front and rear bumpers, flared arches and bigger wheels.

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