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Good evening people, hope all is well.

My name is Josh and recently passed my test in August and went out and got a Brand New Peugeot 108 Active 1.0 in white. I have used it every day and done just short of 6000 miles in that time period. It is a fantastic car to drive, but can feel sluggish at times.

Things to like:
1: Agile, great around towns and cities.
2: Loads of tech and functionality for such a cheap car.
3: Many Many Miles per tank! £30-35 will get me 300 miles which seems to last for ever!

Things to Dislike:
1: Very sluggish and takes time to get going with the 1.0 engine. Especially on motorways when wanting to overtake.
2: The Mirror-link/CarPlay doesn't work alongside the iPhone 6s/ iPhone 7.
3: Not very spacious in the rear for carrying other people if they're over 3.5ft.

Apart from that, it is a fantastic car to start off with, hopefully I won't go over my 20k miles for a year on the insurance or may have to add some more miles onto the policy! :)

Thank you for your time.

I look forward to seeing other peoples cars and experiences!



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