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Hi there.

We have just got a 3 year old 108 5 door active in white.

Our daughter loves her car!!!!

It has had a couple of upgrades that we think improve the car & I have one that is a work in progress.

I have fitted PIAA HIR2 upgrade headlights (road legal). They give a definitely brighter and whiter light. £39.99 from Amazon. Very very easy to change.

I have had fitted (wasn't confident to do that much drilling myself) Park Safe colour coded rear parking sensors. The parts are £37.18 from Euro Car Parts.

The third job is still ongoing as I the camera should arrive from Amazon today. I am fitting a rear parking camera. All the necessary bits are about £40 and that includes the patch lead to show the feed on the touchscreen. I got power from the fusebox using a piggyback fuse adaptor off the cigarette lighter fuse. There is an easy earthing point in the boot near the passenger side light. Once I have it all fitted, I will take some pictures.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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