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Peugeot is trying to be hip and cool with its latest city car the Peugeot 108. They think that young people will be excited by the eccentric names and color schemes offered with the 108.

For example, the 108 will be offered with a retractable fabric roof that will be called the 108 TOP! This vehicle will have a folding roof like the Fiat 500C because eliminating gutters and door frames would cost too much. The retractable roof will comes in many colors: black, grey or violet.

Peugeot 108 TOP!

The color choices for the fabric roof are only the beginning of your color options though. Exterior colors include three two tone options on the three door and convertible models, but the real fun starts with the different "themes" you ca choose from.

Prepare yourself for some crazy names here. Themes include: Dressy, Kilt, Diamond, Barcode, Sport, Dual and Tattoo.


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