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I've owned my 108 for just over 6 months and have only been able to connect my OLD Galaxy S3 Via mirror screen, seeing that the NEW Peugeot 208 now has car play i was wondering if anyone has managed to either put a different Head unit in a Peugeot 108 to one that is compatible with Car play or upgraded software on the unit in the car so it works with Car play? if the 208 can have car play on a pioneer screen surely it will just be a case of finding the software loaded on to it and putting it onto the 108? is it not that simple? i'm not very good with Technology but this is the only part of the car i don't like, i have an Iphone 6S+ and it's so sad that the car won't connect so i can show the maps on there. i would have paid extra for my car to have a Sat-Nav in it i just don't understand why Peugeot have put such an out of date system in such a new car. if anyone has any ideas on this whole Carplay idea it would be good to hear your thoughts

A frustrated Iphone user.
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