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When the Peugeot 108 debuts at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show it will be equipped with MirrorLink connection, letting the car's LCD show a connected smartphone's screen. Other companies to adopt this system include Toyota, Volkswagen, and aftermarket head unit makers such as Pioneer.

While some aftermarket head units supporting MirrorLink can be found in the US, the number of production cars with the standard seem to be concentrated in Europe.

Most Nokia and Sony phones support MirrorLink, and the connectivity standard can work with any operating system, leaving handset makers using Android or Windows Phone the option of including the capability. Apple declined to join the Connected Car Consortium though.

A demonstration of the MirrorLink 1.0 system at the 2012 Los Angeles auto show showed how a smart phone connected head unit would run navigation, hands-free phone calls, and audio. A user would control these functions using the car's touch screen or physical controls, leaving the phone untouched.

Competition for MirrorLink includes Apple iOS in the Car technology, Google's Open Auto Alliance which focuses on offering an Android-based app layer for cars, and CloudCar which is also developing a system using H.264 video compression, to display phone screens on a car display.
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