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Bit of a strange article I found but thought I'd share it here anyway:

PSA/Peugeot Citroen's Carlos Tavares has topped past and present CEOs Lee Iacocca, Jacques Nasser and Sergio Marchionne in an interesting category: He has the cleanest desk of any automaker CEO I have interviewed in the last 36 years.

While Iacocca’s, Nasser’s and Marchionne’s desks were not cluttered, Tavares’ was nearly empty when we met last month.

When I asked him why he only had a plastic folder on his desk, he appeared almost embarrassed as he quickly moved the folder into a drawer.

“I do not need papers,” Tavares told me. “When I need data I ask someone on my great team” for it. Then he usually asks them to improve whatever data he has received, he said.

This has helped the Portuguese executive maintain an impeccable desk as he has encouraged PSA’s managers to achieve goals that seemed impossible a little more than a year ago, when France’s largest automaker needed a 3 billion euro bailout to survive.
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