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Just the other day, PSA announced the launch of Free2Move - a smartphone app available on both the iOS and Android operating systems is designed to enable users to compare the cost and location availability of several alternative transport solutions such as Zipcar, TravelCar or Car2Go. The service is restricted to the Seattle area for now, but it will go nation-wide eventually.

That's phase one of PSA's strategy for the North American market. Phase two is launching a car-sharing service that, together with the Free2Move app, will provide the French company with plenty of data about the American client's preferences. This way, PSA can avoid the hit-and-miss method it definitely can't afford and go for a more targetted approach.

Talking to Auto Guide, Groupe PSA North America CEO Larry Dominique revealed that the carmaker is already developing its next vehicles with the U.S. regulations in mind. Once data on the North American customer has been collected and studied, we can expect to see Peugeot and Citroen cars tailored to meet their needs.
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