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Peugeot has unveiled the Foodtruck concept that will be showcased during the 2015 Milan Design Week on April 14.

Revealed at a special event in Paris, the vehicle “was dreamt up and designed” by Peugeot Design Lab, the carmaker's Global Brand Design studio. The French producer explains this is its “unique vision for a roving restaurant” that “caters to the senses to keep customers coming”.

Based on the Peugeot Boxer, the machine is basically a mobile bistro, named Le Bistrot du Lion. It can provide food for up to 30 people on standing panels and entertain them with a Focal audio system with 46-inch screen.

On board, there are two grilling plates and 4 induction burners, as well as a deep fryer. The ventilation system “ensures optimum air quality”, while a 400-liter refrigerated under-foot compartment makes sure food stays fresh and a 350-liter refrigerator keeps the drinks cold. :D


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