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Hey Guys,
Been following a few threads on how-to upgrade the head-unit on the 2017 model so it can support android auto etc.
Clearly the mirror link functions sucks :D and it's old...

A few solutions was to upgrade the head unit to a 2018 model since that model supports car play and android auto. A few from here found parts on ebay or similar auto-parts sites, but what's available now are quite expensive, around £600 so that was a no-go at least for me.

Other solutions I looked into was to upgrade to a Chinese double din brand such as the Atoto A6 Pro which based on the YouTube reviews is quite a good unit and have even more functions than the upgraded head unit from 2018 model. For this to work you would need to get new mount-fittings that was recommended here, one of them supported steering wheel button functionalities but after writing to their customer support, they told me that this Chinese brand wasn't supported and the only ones that were was the more expensive brands such as Pioneer, Alpine etc.
You would also need to get a separate adaptor to get android auto and car play...

Finally after a lot of digging, I found a pretty neat Android head unit - RADIO NAWIGACJA GPS TOYOTA AYGO 2014-2018 ANDROID

This Polish company specialises in Android/Nav solutions for cars, and based on the features and videos on YouTube (few of them) it looks very smooth, stable, and comes with tons of features as well as a steering wheel button functionality!
Another good thing, is that they made it look like the original (almost) so when you fit it in your car it will look more "original" if that makes sense.

I've ordered one today and will install it together with a reversal camera, if any of you are interested in an installation video with pics, let me know and I'll see if I can put something together. Meanwhile, sharing a few videos of similar units from the same company, will give you an idea of the features etc.

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