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Hi, my wife has a 2015 Peugeot 108, bought from a Peugeot dealer 18 months ago. It's a keyless entry model with just under 18,000 miles, no issues with it until yesterday, travelling home, the last few miles it wouldn't go above 30mph. We thought it was going to conk out and strand us on Boxing Day, but it got us home in 2nd gear, foot flat down at 30mph. I've checked it this morning, and it starts ok and the engine sounds ok, but it won't rev over 4,000. One other odd thing :- we went shopping in it on Xmas Eve morning, and the clock was correct, but when we parked up at a relative's house that evening, until Boxing Day, the clock was now reading 40 mins fast ??
We would be very grateful for any thoughts before we take it to the garage.
Thanks very much and merry Christmas.
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