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Following the eventful two-part "Top Gear" Patagonia Special, "Top Gear" Season 22 officially premieres on Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015.

The latest Season of Top Gear promises to be as action packed as ever. On Saturday, the official Top Gear website offered a number of teaser photos. For Season 22, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May will take on new a Top Gear special in Canada, a race across Saint Petersburg, a challenge across the Australian Outback, and more.

Over the years, "Top Gear" have produced numerous of memorable segments that praised legendary European automakers that possess rich history in motorsports. This time, Jeremy Clarkson and James May take a moment to tip their hat to Peugeot, which they claim is the most brilliant and innovative carmaker in history. :D

Seems like forever since it was last on TV.


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