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Is there a source for cheap wheel trims to fit the 108 with its 34cm hoop diameter on 15" wheels?
Cheap enough to replace often on a hire car?

I searched ebay for 15" wheel trims [price + postage ascending], and found a well-reviewed own-brand of Euro Car Parts sold under different seller names at various cheapish prices, competing with the Halfords basic, if you are near a Halfords, and a Streetwize design often sold with free postage. The Euro Car Parts Torque design looks a bit like Peugeot originals. It fits-in to the 15" wheel. All good so far.

But falls straight out of the 15" because the hoop and clips are smaller than needed for the steel wheel ):

  1. I leave the black steel wheel exposed, and maybe buy nice nut covers and cover-up the centre somehow. Maybe I polish the black paint or I paint it silver or something.
  2. I use cable ties to stick-on cheap wheel trims - something I've seen a car hire company do
  3. I use Peugeot new and used caps including the ones that came with the car. But it is going to be pimped-out on a P2P car hire site and I think customers will scuff hubcaps often, and worry about being charged, which I won't do but they'll worry. A set of really cheap hubcaps or none at all might re-assure them.
  4. I discover some wonderful source of cheap 15" wheel trims with this odd hoop size, which seems unlikely but ideas are welcome:)
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